Carrots with Curried Cream Cheese

The farm stands in our area are teaming with bunches of fresh young carrots.  In addition to the usual varieties, we see yellow, purple, thick Chantenay and short round little Paris Market carrots.  Carrots are a staple for our girls, having the honor of being the first fresh vegetable they would reliably eat without masking adornments like ranch dressing or hummus. 

Years ago, when Hillery was not eating meat, I was looking for a way to dress up vegetables for dinner parties.  This curried cream cheese spread, piped onto cut carrots, makes a great presentation.  My wife has long since rejoined the meat eating world, but these carrots remain a dinner party staple.  Don’t be intimidated by the piping.  I like to use disposable piping bags, but a food storage baggie with the corner cut off would work equally as well.


8 oz.  whipped cream cheese left out to soften

yellow curry powder to taste

red curry powder to taste

sugar to taste

salt to taste

lemon juice (squeezed from ½ lemon)

fresh young carrots with greens attached


1.     Mix together 1st six ingredients until well blended using a fork or whisk.  Use rubber spatula to drop into pastry bag fitted with small star tip.

2.    Cut greens from carrots leaving approx. 1 inch at the top of the carrot.

3.    Peel the carrots and carefully slice them in half lengthwise, leaving some greens on each side.

4.    Pipe cream cheese mixture onto carrots and serve.