Sous vide rib eye steak

I’ve had great success making pizza in our new wood fired oven, and I wanted to turn my attention to roasting meats and vegetables.  Some simple veggies worked out just fine, but my first attempt to grill a steak was not so successful.  At the very high heat levels in the wood fired oven (around 600F), my steak was charring more than I wanted, while the center was still undercooked.  I could have waited until the flame calmed down, but I did want the charred flavor the wood fire creates.  Just not too much.

I then thought of sous vide.  I’ve used this technique for larger roasts and loins, but never on an individual steak.  This turned out to be a great method.  I cooked the steak sous vide at 130F, and then finished it in the wood fired oven.  The result was cooked perfectly, with plenty of flavor from the open flame.  The recipe here is a simple one – salt, pepper and thyme were the only added flavors – but you could easily rub the steak with all types of flavors.  One of my favorite rubs includes dried mushrooms ground to a powder in a food mill, shallots, salt, pepper and a little sugar.


Rib eye steak

Thyme sprigs

Salt and pepper

Olive oil


1.     Prepare a sous vide bath set at 130F.  Note 130F is for rare, if you prefer medium, set your temperature to 140F.

2.    Rub the steak with salt and pepper, then vacuum seal in a bag with sprigs of thyme.

3.    Cook the steak sous vide for at least 45 minutes, or up to 2 hours.

4.    When ready to grill, remove the steak from the bag, pat dry and rub with olive oil, salt and pepper.

5.    Grill for 2 – 3 minutes per side, depending on the temperature of your oven or grill.

6.    Let the meat rest, then slice and serve.